Americas Rugby declares to Cancel 2020 ARC Fixtures

Americas Rugby declares to Cancel 2020 ARC Fixtures

Americas Rugby declares to Cancel 2020 ARC Fixtures

Rugby Americas CEO Dan Payne declared today,  that due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 American Rugby Championship (ARC) and rugby Challenge (ARCh), senior and under-20  will no longer be played in the current format game.

Payne said We have been closely monitoring the situation in each country, which is clearly in the best interests of the players, employees, and the overall public interest.

World Rugby, the Chief Executive Officer of the American League and other key stakeholders have been assessing a very unstable and changing global environment while continuing to discover all solutions in the region. We hope to open the door no matter how small it is In order to avoid regional competition later in the fourth quarter, rather than completely canceling it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in early March, the global rugby game has been interrupted, and the border is still closed and many countries are still blocked, the line of sight is not clear, so it is impossible to participate in the current format of the 2020 summer international competition.

Payne said, Every member of the nation in a different phase of the battle against COVID-19. There is a common goal of getting back on the field safely and proficiently when it is safe for players, workers, and fans.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Americas Rugby Championship and American Rugby Challenge have been crucial to the growth and development of rugby throughout the Americas. Four countries are eligible to participate in the Japan Rugby World Cup last year.

Payne said: The top priority is that the union has the ability to establish its own domestic competition, and then we can explore the possibility of international competition later this year.

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